As a skincare enthusiast and laser specialist, I constantly watch the laser technology trends and developments in the skincare industry. Sometimes I watch a new FDA-approved product or device for a couple years before I feel confident with the promised results and am willing to bring it to Bella Medspa. We are bombarded with sales pitches daily, so it is crucial I dig through the hype.

Bella Medspa, Atlanta GA - 2019


I also love to read medical journals and skincare industry magazines, as well as follow what some of the top plastic surgeons and dermatologists are doing around the world. I will only provide the best clinically-proven treatments and products for my Bella clients.

In 2019, several treatments and devices that I had been watching were approved by the FDA, published medical white papers proving the benefits and have now been on the market long enough to have a quality track record. So I introduced quite a few new things last year – nine new goodies in all!

Something New for Any Skin Concern

I believe in all of the new products and treatments that we brought to Bella this year, but I am most excited about the Plasma Pen. This device is a miracle worker for lifting saggy eyelids and tightening bags under the eyes, as well as repairing fine lines and wrinkles around the delicate eye area and upper lip lines. This is a wonderful non-surgical option for an eyelid lift and is both quick and affordable. Our clients love the results they are seeing.

I’m also obsessed with Defenage Skincare’s new “2 Minute Miracle Mask” treatment, which won the New Beauty Magazine 2019 Product of the Year Award! I personally use it a few times a week in the shower as a skin refresher.

TCA Cross scar repair is not new and often used by plastic surgery centers but is new to Bella as a quick and painless remedy for deep pitting in large pores and acne scars. Almost everyone has a few imperfections and just cleaning up the small divots can create a much more even smooth complexion.

Our new Cryopen is the perfect medical device to treat depigmented lesions, solar lentigines, white spots or textured sun freckles that are resistant to traditional lasers and IPL. It’s common to have these types of freckles on the hands, neck or even on the jaw line and, historically, we did not have a way to quickly and effectively remove them permanently. But now with Cryopen, we can create a dramatic change in one or two visits!

We also introduced medical-grade LED Light Therapy last year to enhance product penetration during treatments and to heal, kill bacteria and brighten tissue.  We often include it at the end of the Bella Refresh Facial for the icing on the cake.

The BFF Treatment

ThermiVa has quickly become one of the most popular procedures received by women over the age of 35 for a myriad of benefits. We are excited to now offer this “BFF Treatment” at Bella Medspa in a comfortable relaxed environment.  This technique encourages the production of new collagen that tightens and tones the vagina and vulva. Women are delighted about their improved sensitivity, vaginal tightening and bladder control. This delicate procedure is only provided by Laser Specialists.

Bella Brows Microblading is also new in 2019.  I have personally enjoyed this treatment, as well as the time it saves to do my make up in the morning. Our microblading specialist is also an educator, so please come in for a complementary consultation to have your brows custom enhanced for lasting, natural results.

I designed Bella’s exclusive Flawless Finish Makeover to quickly resolve stubborn pigmentation in a single visit for patients that need results now. With a proprietary combination of laser and prescriptive topical products, we are able to quickly remove deep pigmentation from melasma to sun freckles on the face, chest and hands including those spots that were previously laser resistant.

Our Bella exclusive  Green Goddess CBD Oil Facial is one of the first CBD facial treatments in Atlanta for skin healing, calming, and repairing after wind or sunburn with a compromised dehydrated tissue. This soothing facial feels great and is good for all skin types.

Everyone’s New Favorite

Hydrafacial MD with Alastin InfusionAnd lastly, we can’t forget everyone’s favorite – the new HydraFacial! Bella was the first Atlanta medspa to give the HydraFacial MD with Alastin TriHex Technology utilizing customized skin boosters for brightening, rosacea repair, healing dehydrated skin and antiaging benefits.  This treatment is our new ‘go-to’ because it’s appropriate for all ages and skin types and clients walk away feeling and looking great.

Phew!  I am really proud of this line-up of impressive and medical skin care treatments – many of which can’t be found anywhere else in Atlanta.

We love having all these new goodies from the skincare industry to provide even better results for our patients and look forward to new technologies coming out in 2020. Come in for a complementary consultation to discuss any of these new treatments and determine what would treat your skins specific needs and concerns.


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