Written by Ady Meschke
October 2020

Welcome to 2020. Where I give you advice on the proper skincare for under your mask and my tips on how to prevent mask acne. It’s a thing. We’re calling it “Maskne” and it’s the worst. Just having your hot, steamy circulating breath under your mask for hours at a time cannot be sanitary.

My face would know, she’s breaking out like crazy lately, but only in the mask area. Specifically where it hits my nose, my chin, and by my mouth. Occasionally I’ll get one where the string hits the side.

I asked my go-to Clinical Aesthetician Alethea who owns Bella Med Spa in Atlanta to send me her best tips to prevent maskne.

Alethea is super qualified. She’s my go-to in Atlanta and the only person I trust with my skin. She graduated from the Atlanta Institute of Aesthetics in 2005, continued her education acquiring Laser Certification by Candela, Cynosure, Aesthera, and apprenticed under two medical doctors for three years before starting her own practice. Her knowledge and passion for skincare are unparalleled in Atlanta.

So let’s get to it so your skin doesn’t end up like mine. I’m doing overtime to try to balance my face again, keep it clean and sanitary, and get rid of these maskne breakouts with minimal damage.

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