spotlight on lasersCould you answer these questions about skincare lasers?

“What is the average nanometer of an IPL?”
“What laser hair removal wavelength would you use on a skin type 2?”
“What chromophore does the vein laser look for?”

Well, don’t worry, you don’t need to! Unless, of course, you want to work as a Laser Aesthetician – in which case, these questions should all be easy!

Unfortunately, when interviewing Nurses, Aestheticians, and Laser practitioners I often find that is not the case. Sometimes they are at a loss to even understand my questions let alone answer them accurately.

So many skincare laser practitioners are lacking basic laser science and technology training – and believe me, they are hungry for it. If a laser practitioner is going to safely and effectively treat patients with medical grade laser devices they need to understand the science behind how to choose the correct wavelength, understand nanometers and where the laser energy is penetrating the tissue.

And Bella Institute was Born!

Which is why I knew that starting the Bella Institute was essential – to help our industry, protect clients, and improve others’ careers through Advanced Laser Science Training.

If you have known me for even a day or two, you know that I am obsessed with lasers! After 18 years as a practitioner I LOVE all the incredible things they can do for your skin – in the right hands, that is.  I love how predictable they are. I love the amazing lasting results that they provide. I love the high tech science and history of lasers. I love helping others achieve their skin care goals and improve self-confidence.  And, I also love training on laser science, helping others and sharing my passion.

Bella Institute is born out of a love for providing beautiful safe results, as well as helping others excel in their careers and expand their knowledge about laser science.

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Must be a registered Nurse, Aesthetician or Laser practitioner to apply.


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