My philosophy on my evening skincare routine is Repair, Protect, Maintain. This should sound familiar (wink)! There’s no single right approach to at-home skincare, just as there isn’t only one treatment that works for every client. That’s why each of us needs to personalize our entire regimen – morning and evening routines, weekly add-ons, facials and laser treatments – and adjust that with the seasons.

Having said that, I want to give some advice on an end-of-day routine that’s in line with Bella’s ethos. A customized regimen that complements the personalized treatments you receive at Bella ensures glowing results today and healthier skin for the years ahead.

Alethea's Evening RoutineScheduling an Evening Skincare Routine

An evening skincare routine is something most every Bella client has in place. I get it that long days plus busy evenings lead us to cut down or skip a multi-step routine before bedtime. But remember that pollution, sweat, makeup, sunscreen and more go onto our faces each day. So, try to plan for an evening routine because no one needs to wait until 9 or 10 p.m. or later to clean off harmful contaminants.

It’s super smart to start the process once you’re inside for the rest of the day. When you arrive home from work, shopping, exercise, school or wherever, make skincare part of your “coming home” routine. So, maybe unload the bags from the car, change into your comfy clothes, then head to the bathroom to start your facial maintenance.

I try to start my skincare steps around 6 p.m. – before my evening hustle – while I also think about what’s for dinner. But if I need to head out to the dusty barn to feed and brush my horse, pony and two goats, then skincare waits until later! My family dinnertime, the animals getting fed and playtime come first, then I do my skincare routine after that.

My Evening Skin Routine from Start to Finish

At home, evaluate and treat yourself like an aesthetician would. These are the steps and products I rely on every evening.

  1. A glass of water and anti-aging supplements made from natural ingredients by Lumity Life are my starters.
  2. I regularly alternate several cleansers. I think through how much makeup, sunscreen and pollution I need to remove. Lately, I’m loving the Papaya Enzyme Cleanser by Revision. A micellar water as a double-cleanse makes me squeaky clean.
  3. Eye Makeup Remover. Image Skincare’s I Beauty Flawless Rejuvenating Eye Pads swipe off eye makeup and the last traces of grime and never sting.
  4. Eye Cream. Obagi’s Elastiderm Eye Cream to tighten and Alastin Skincare’s Eye Treatment for dark circles are my go-to creams. Either one brings back my snap!
  5. I apply prescription-strength retinol from Revision.
  6. Regenerating Skin Nectar by Alastin Skincare goes on my face. iS Clinical’s Youth Serum reduces fine lines by building collagen overnight. And iS Clinical’s Reparative Moisture Emulsion works to target spots for hydration and balance texture. CeraVe’s products are fragrance-free and always gentle on post-treatment skin, plus easily found at drug stores.

The eye products, retinol and moisturizers are available at Bella and we can ship to you. Contact us by phone or email to order or for details on a specific product. These products work for my active lifestyle and oily skin. I’d love to talk through if they’re right for your needs. Everyone needs a routine that gives a smooth and plump face the next morning!

Over the Weekend

Face masks are the best once a week treatment. (Try the Pumpkin Spice Biocellulose Face Mask from Trader Joe’s which has clove flower, orange peel and ginger root oils and shea butter.) There are so many balancing, single-use sheet masks and clay masks that lift away impurities and hydrate. Plan an extra 15 minutes for a weekend treat!

After a weekend that’s rough on my hair from extra hours out in the sun or sweating, I apply a deep conditioning hair treatment mask like Olaplex Hair Perfector or Global Keratin Serum and wear my hair in a braid for the day to hydrate and repair.

Since a face mask and hair mask require some extra time, fit them in on a day off.

Rest and Relax

An evening skincare routine (and 4 p.m. isn’t too early!) with top quality products applied properly will encourage new and strong collagen and elastin that provide years of volume and lift to the skin. Then restorative sleep is next!

When you maintain this evening regimen along with a morning routine and monthly visits to Bella, beautiful results are not far behind.


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