Written by Gabrielle D’Auria
December 1, 2020


green goddess nano needling

Whew! My face has been a disaster this year! Between the mask acne and stress, I understand why I’ve been having such a tough time with my skin. I recently tried a new facial and I am HOOKED! It gave me an instant glow and gave my face the hydration it’s been lacking.

My skincare routine is natural and clean. I try not to use any harsh chemicals or products that are going to do the opposite of what they are supposed to be doing. I’ve been going to Bell MedSpa for years for hydro facials and laser hair removal but knew it was time to try something else to revive my skin. When they told me about the Green Goddess Nano Needling Facial, that’s free of chemicals and uses organic products, I was SOLD.

The treatment was an organic vitamin, collagen, green tea infusion utilizing nano needling layered with their medical LED device. It was custom to my face so if there’s something particular you want infused you have the ability to do that. There was no downtime or peeling so when I left I was shocked at how hydrated and plump my skin was!

With the custom Green Goddess Facial, you are able to get things like vitamin C, CBD, and collagen infused with your treatment. I really like that Bella created this facial for people like me that don’t want to do botox and want to go the more natural route while still being able to make my skin look flawless.

Now when you hear “nano needling” don’t get scared! I hate needles. I legit lay down at the doctor when I have to get bloodwork done. Trust me you will be fine! It’s 36 tiny needles that penetrate your skin, but there is zero pain. It feels like a slight tickle. I think I laughed more that I should have during the procedure!

I’m sure I’m not the only one that gets discouraged when I’m on IG. Everyone has perfect flawless skin! Then I remember that everyone is using a filter and it makes me feel better about myself. After this treatment I didn’t need a filter. My skin felt and looked amazing. It gave me an instant glow and made my skin tight! If you are looking for a new facial, this should be on your list!

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