Jade rollers have become super popular in the past few years, but they aren’t actually new. They date back to the 7th century in China, but jade has been used for skincare long before that. Jade is cool to the touch, so it works as a natural skincare device to improve the texture and tone of your skin.

Although jade rollers are fairly simple devices by today’s standards, they do a wonderful job to help your skin glow and relieve puffiness. With regular use, this simple beauty tool can help improve your skin health.

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Benefits of a Jade Roller

Jade rollers basically work by giving your face a gentle massage. This helps boost circulation and encourage lymphatic drainage. Using a jade roller helps your skin glow and reduces inflammation and puffiness, so including one in your skincare routine will do wonders for your skin!

Another amazing benefit of jade rollers regularly is that they help you find relief from headaches, sinus pressure, and reduce under-eye puffiness. If you have rosacea, the coolness of the jade can help calm your skin and reduce redness. How amazing is that?!

You can also use a jade roller to apply serums and moisturizers. Your fingers can absorb products, which means your expensive skincare products get absorbed into your fingers instead of your facial skin! Jade isn’t porous at all, so you can use it to apply your skincare products without anything going to waste!

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How to Use a Jade Roller

Jade rollers are fairly simple to use. The tool is simply a hand with jade on both ends. One end will have a smaller jade roller than the other end. Both ends can be used on your skin, but the smaller end is easier to get into the eye area or around your nose or mouth.

When you use your jade roller, you want to release the fluid that’s trapped in your skin towards your lymph nodes for drainage. For best results, start at your chin and roll towards your ears. Then move up the corners of your mouth and roll towards your ears. Repeat this as you move up your face.

When you reach the eye area, roll towards your temples. For your forehead, roll from the brows to your hairline. Then roll your forehead horizontally towards your temples.

If you use a jade roller after applying serum or moisturizer, it will help distribute the product all over your skin. You can use a jade roller in the morning or evening, but many people like to use it in the morning to reduce puffiness.

How Often Should You Use a Jade Roller?

For best results, use a jade roller at least once a day. However, you can use it morning and night if you want. If you have rosacea or puffiness, you can use it more often than twice a day. Using it more often won’t harm your skin.

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Should I Put My Jade Roller in the Fridge?

You certainly can put your jade roller in the fridge. The coolness of the jade against your skin will help you wake you up in the morning. Moreover, it will also help constrict blood vessels to reduce redness on your face if that’s something you struggle with during the morning.

You shouldn’t store your jade roller in the freezer, though. It can get too cold, which can cause the stone to crack. You can put your roller in the freezer for a few minutes to get it cold, but don’t leave it in there for too long.

To keep your jade roller clean, place it in a bag or in a container in the fridge. This will prevent cross-contamination between your jade roller and the food in the fridge.

How Do You Store a Jade Roller?

You can store your jade roller in the fridge or in a cabinet. If you store it in a cabinet, wrap it in fabric, or store it in a bag. You want to keep it clean so that it doesn’t get bacteria on it, which can then transfer to your facial skin.

How Do You Clean a Jade Roller?

You should clean your jade roller after each use, especially if you use it just after applying a serum or moisturizer. The oils from your products and your skin can build up on the jade and can even transfer bacteria to your skin.

After each use, wipe off your jade roller with a damp cloth. Once a week, use your facial cleaner and a soft cloth to wipe off your jade roller to remove oils and dirt. You can soak it in warm soapy water for several minutes if there is a lot of product or oils on it.

Be careful to use warm water and don’t use water hotter than 175 degrees Fahrenheit because this can damage the jade’s protecting outer layer or the handle. Also, avoid using alcohol or harsh chemicals on your jade roller. Once you wash your jade roller, pat it dry with a soft towel. Then let it air dry before storing.

I hope this post helped you understand the benefits of jade rollers! Seriously, it’s such a simple tool that has so many amazing benefits on your skin! If you haven’t, already, make sure you implement jade rollers into your skincare routine ASAP!

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