Written by Ady Meschke
October 2019

It’s so important who you choose for your skincare needs. I mean this is your face. Your money maker. It’s best to leave it in good hands. So I chose Bella Med Spa in Atlanta. They’ve been in business for over 10 years, own the most lasers in Atlanta, offer a layered laser approach that no one else offers, and really take a customized approach to skincare that I deeply appreciate. Because no two faces share the same issues.  Bella has 11 exclusive laser treatments and 350 unique services!

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Bella offers a monthly membership which is ideal for monthly service. I also love Bella because I’ve gotten to know the owner quite well and she is super sweet. What I’ve learned this year is that who runs the business is just as important as the business services and offerings. From now on I’m only supporting businesses that have good people running the ship. She’s a philanthropist that supports the same causes I believe in, is caring, passionate about transforming your skin, and genuine.

It’s one of those places that you can walk in without any makeup on and not feel judged. That’s pretty important to me living in Atlanta, home of the Buckhead Betty. It’s a comfortable boutique spot that has really taken care of my skin and helped me get my glow back after pregnancy.

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