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In keeping with her long term philosophy, Alethea Tinkle, Clinical Aesthetician and Laser Specialist at Bella by Alethea continues to be on the forefront of the anti-aging and skin care industry by introducing her innovative Be Bella Skincare. Developed with a premier pharmaceutical company, Be Bella Skincare is exclusive to the spa. These products focus on a well-rounded beauty routine that provide effective and dramatic results. Alethea told Our Town, “I wanted the line to be clean, but also have active ingredients to achieve noticeable changes in the skin.”

The products work well as a system, but can be incorporated into existing beauty routines. “ Our skincare specialists are extremely knowledgeable and are able to help clients select products to give them the best results. We pride ourselves on individualized attention and our Bella skincare line, Be Bella, is a reflection of this- we have something for everyone!”

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