Refresh Laser Facial

Intuitive skincare is how I would describe the treatments at Bella. It’s how I personally treat my skin and what I want for my clients.

I’ve been obsessed with skincare way before I became an aesthetician. I started getting facials when I was in my teens and have been for treatments at every resort/hotel spa I have ever visited. And they always felt great! But, once I began learning more about skincare, I realized most of those treatments just rub you with lotion (that you could pretty much put on yourself) and charge you $300 or more!

Put in simple words: I spent a long time over-paying for treatments that my skin didn’t even need. Spas have sold me overpriced packages of chemical peels or Hydrafacials when, at the time, my skin needed a completely different fix!

Knowledge is Power

After learning about what skincare really is about, I decided I wanted to do things differently. I opened Bella Medspa with the goal of offering customized treatments that feel intuitive but are also backed up by science and years of knowledge.

I would never have a cookie-cutter approach with any of my clients and, to the surprise of many, I never do the exact treatment twice. Instead, I custom-tailor and layer a myriad of devices, lasers, and treatments depending on what the client needs at the time. I treat each client based on how their skin is presenting that day so that, together, we can reach their own unique goals.

The reason for this? Everyone’s skin is different and the issues your skin faces may not necessarily be the same as what other clients face. Moreover, our skin is our largest organ and is ever-changing, so what may have done the trick last month may not necessarily be what you need this month. Customizing and evolving treatments is KEY to healthy, glowing skin. It’s exactly the way I treat my own skin, and I care about my clients too much to do anything different for them.

Most people don’t have time for disruptions to social or work schedules. We don’t want to peel and we don’t want to look icky. We want to leave with glowing healthy results that last and are worth our money and time. I’m sure you’ll agree with the sentiment!

No one does what we do at Bella! How I treat my patients at Bella Medspa is so different from any other spa in Atlanta.  It is the result of nearly twenty years of hard work and research.

How does a Bella Refresh Customized Laser Facial work?

I like to describe the Bella Refresh Laser Facial as “going to the gym for your skin.” While no treatment is ever the same, I have a set of standards that I like to follow every time.

Essentially, we work on all three layers of the skin. This means deep exfoliation and pore cleansing, addressing any issues with lasers and external devices, and feeding the skin with nutrients.

Of course, every single step depends entirely on your skin type, its needs, and any concerns you’re having on the day of your visit. A typical facial at Bella can include a mix of any of the following: pampering massage, deep cleansing, Diamond Microderm or Hydrafacial, extractions, a tightening laser to work around the eyes and jawline, laser to help with veins and redness, an Ouchless Acne Laser, a sunspot laser, Nano Needling or dermal planing if needed, medical LED, and an infusion with collagen. Phew!

Yep, that’s ALL in one treatment that’s valued at over $800, but by getting the package, you get it for just $350. It’s by far our most popular facial as it’s guaranteed to make you feel refreshed (hence the name), glowing, and as beautiful as ever!

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