Spa Treatment

Years ago Kim Kardashian went viral on Instagram with the “vampire facial” and today many dermatologic centers and medspas are still performing that bloody vampire facial. You know I don’t believe the hype and I always go by clinical research not just what some sales rep is trying to push. The vampire microneedling facial is a big turn off to so many clients and it definitely gets a big eye roll from a lot of reputable skin care professionals.

We recommend PRP or PRF treatments instead!

Here’s the skinny: PRP or Platelet-Rich Plasma and its sister PRF or Platelet-Rich Fibrin (think a thicker more hydrating and  volumizing version) are highly active and very fragile. They die in oxygen. So applying them to the surface of the skin during and after microneedling would be pointless as most of the PRP and PRF would die leaving you with a very sticky, very expensive face mask.

PRP and PRF are your body’s own healing mechanisms and can do wonders in the skin, in joints, and for general healing and repair. At Bella, we utilize the same technology that orthopedic surgeons use to extract the highest concentration of platelets so that we can produce the most dramatic change in your skin. Remember, at Bella Medspa we are all about tissue health!

PRP/PRF can provide dramatic transformation

Since PRF and PRP are quite volatile, we inject them with a micro insulin needle directly into the tissue where they are most needed. Think of the areas that you would have Botox and filler such as any acne scars, fine lines, under-eye bags, even sun freckles and acne. These areas can be repaired and dramatically transformed from the inside out using your body’s own PRP or PRF without pain or downtime and no bloody face mask!!

I love customizing intuitive medical skin care treatments that are most effective. I work hand-in-hand with the leading skincare anti-aging experts to design the very best procedures to bring to Bella. I absolutely love PRP and PRF injectables and I have them performed on my face annually to keep my skin rejuvenated, fresh, plump and hydrated from the inside out. It’s also a wonderful way to slow that aging clock. BONUS: it is 100% natural, so you can’t be allergic to it or have a bad reaction and it will improve your skin every single time!

Remember, I only recommend treatments that have my full confidence.

PRP and PRF Injections are Alethea approved and recommended! (When performed by a highly skilled certified medical injector… don’t get me started on none-certified injectors in Atlanta, lol!)

To boost the benefits of your PRP injections, I highly recommend the daily use of either Alastin Restorative Skin Complex for day or Alastin Regenerating Skin Nectar for night to further help heal, repair, hydrate and smooth your skin. These products will also slow the aging process in a natural way. Healthy skin is glowing skin! My goal is that all of our clients at Bella Medspa feel comfortable and confident and love the skin they are in! PRP injections paired with Alastin Serums will get you there much quicker!


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