One cause of puffy eyes is excess salt in your diet. Another cause is your sleep position, because when you lie down horizontally, gravity pushes fluid into the bags under your eyes. Finally, allergies can play a role in puffiness. Don’t worry! We have a few remedies to help…

  1. Avoid excess salt in your diet and drink lots and lots of water!
  2. Wash your hair and face at night to rinse off pollen and other allergy enduing elements in the air.
  3. Sleep on an incline. By using a few pillows to create an incline, the fluid will be able to drain out and will clear up puffy eyes.
  4. Apply Preparation H or hemorrhoid cream under the eyes.
  5. Relax with cucumber slices, potato peels or cold spoons on your eyes.
  6. Invest in Beauty Flawless Rejuvenating Eye Pads from Image Skincare ~Reducing puffiness around the eyes is just one of the benefits of this amazing product!




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