Pimples show up riiiiight when you least need them to. Got a date this weekend? Your BFF’s wedding? Yep, it’s 100% going to show up. Don’t take it from me – it’s science.

The good news is that an inconvenient pimple doesn’t have to ruin your day. There are super effective ways to get rid of it or at least make it less noticeable.

Super effective ways to reduce pimples:

Temporarily reduce the pimple with ice

Ice causes our blood vessels to constrict and inflammation to calm down a notch, so reaching into your freezer and putting ice on the pimple for a few minutes can significantly reduce its size and redness. Do note, though, that this is a very temporary solution (it isn’t long-lasting), but it can do the trick for a couple of hours when in need.

Use a blemish patch

Blemish patches are, again, not a permanent solution, but they’re super effective in an emergency. If the pimple is just about to pop, a pimple patch like ZitStickca can really do the trick here. They’ll help coax the pimple to the surface and absorb its content like magic (okay, it’s a mix of salicylic acid and hydrocolloid, but magic sounds a lot nicer).

Avoid picking

I know how tempting it can be, but try to keep your hands away from the pimple. Not only will it make it looks worse, but it can also leave you suffering from scars, which are pretty much permanent!

Limit makeup

If possible, try to go au naturel for a few days. The first thing we want to do is to use makeup to, well, cover up pimples, but doing so will clog your pores and possibly result in getting more of them. If you must wear makeup, avoid heavy foundation and make sure the products you use are fragrance-free.

reduce pimples

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil has been scientifically proven to reduce lesions, and yes, it does also work its wonders when it comes to pimples. The best part? It’s completely natural! Apply a few drops of undiluted tea tree oil to the inflamed area.

Tip: Try to do a patch test a few hours prior to using it on the pimple to make sure it doesn’t irritate your skin. I recommend doing so in an area like behind your ear or on your arm to test.


Work with a professional to reduce pimples

Before you even start spending your hard-earned money on the newest skincare products, it’s super important to get to the bottom of what is causing pimples in the first place. Sure, these tips are great when it comes to an emergency (like a date night you’ve been waiting for forever!), but pimples might be a sign that something else is going on. If they’re not a regular occurrence, you probably have nothing to worry about, but if pimples appear on a regular basis, you might be suffering from hormonal changes, stressed skin or even adult acne.

If you are unsure where to begin looking into the issue, I highly recommend reaching out to a professional. You have a couple of options when it comes to skincare: visiting a dermatologist or a medical aesthetician. Aestheticians have probably seen it all throughout their careers, and they can work closely with you to create a routine and regimen that will really focus on your skin’s specific needs.

Many med spas offer memberships in which you can come in once a month to get a facial as well as get your skin checked by an aesthetician. Our skin is our biggest organ and it’s ever-changing, so it’s important to treat and take care of it by doing regular checkups! At Bella Med Spa, we offer a Bella Transformation Membership, where you’ll get to enjoy treatments that address your individual needs. We’re based in Atlanta, so make sure to check it out if you’re in the area. If not, I’m sure there’s a similar offer at a med spa closer to your zip code!

How to reduce pimples in times of emergency.

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