When we think of skincare regimens and eye serums, we immediately think of women. It’s not surprising, really, especially when you consider most marketing efforts in the industry are aimed at the female gender.

I think it’s about time we talk about skincare for men. Far too many men have minimal or non-existent skincare processes, and they need to start taking control of their skin without feeling stigmatized. After all, men deserve a little self-care and pampering too! Trust me, you will thank yourself for it in 10 years.

The thing is: what works for women might not exactly work for men. Male skin is usually thicker and more porous than the female counterpart, and while we might deal with similar concerns when it comes to skincare (wrinkles, sun damage, or dryness), the formulas and ingredients we need to target those issues will not always be the same. Stealing your wife’s or roomie’s products won’t exactly do the trick, my friend!

Fret not, though – here is a list of the best skincare products and treatments to buy to get you looking like your handsomest self!

1. Revision DEJ Eye Cream

Did you know that the skin around our eyes is the first area of our face to start showing signs of aging? If you want to keep your face looking youthful for as long as possible, it’s super important to use a well-formulated eye cream to give your eyes a little help.

My male clients’ favorite is Revision DEJ Eye Cream and I recommend them to use it twice a day by applying it to the orbital bone around their eyes and just at the top of their cheekbones. It visibly reduces sagging, wrinkles, and hooding around the eyes and has the added bonus of hydrating the entire area which gives your eyes that natural, glowy look!


Clinically-proven, comprehensive eye treatment inspired by the Dermal-Epidermal Junction (DEJ) utilizes pioneering Pathway Technology plus NEW Prebiotic Innovation to rejuvenate the total eye area.

  • Visibly reduces the appearance of sagging, wrinkles, redness and hooding around the eye area and eyelid
  • Provides intense hydration and helps boost skin’s ability to attract and retain moisture
  • Helps shield against free radicals that cause premature aging


2. Image SPF 50

Regardless of age or gender, SPF is a staple when it comes to proper skincare. It’s essential to wear it on a daily basis to significantly reduce premature aging, texture changes, and hyperpigmentation, which become more of an issue as the years go by.

Yep, by daily use, I mean even on days when the sun isn’t shining at all and even when you plan on spending all day at home! UVA rays can get you anywhere and they’re the biggest culprit when it comes to premature aging (not to mention lots of other health-related issues I’m sure you don’t want to deal with later on).

I usually recommend my male clients to use the Image SPF 50 (available at our store). It’s an ultra-sheer and super lightweight moisturizer with a built-in broad-spectrum high sunscreen that works like a charm! Apply it every few hours – it can be hard to get into the habit, but as you begin doing it on a regular basis, it will become part of your daily routine in no time.

Trust me, in ten years, you’ll be glad you put in the effort!


This ultra-sheer, lightweight moisturizer with a built in broad-spectrum high UVA/UVB sunscreen provides skin with ultimate protection and prevention. Next generation technology combines a physical sunscreen ingredient transparent zinc oxide with effective antioxidants to prevent free-radical damage and to protect against environmental exposures.



3. Shape your beard permanently with laser hair removal

While I personally don’t have any first-hand experience with beard grooming, I know from male friends and family how time-consuming it can be.

Shaving, plucking, and tweezing are all temporary fixes when it comes to getting your beard to look just right, but if you want a permanent solution, you’ll love to know that laser hair removal has become a popular treatment to reduce unwanted facial hair.

Not only will you save TONS of hours every month, but you’ll also have to stop dealing with pesky ingrown hair and painful razor cuts.

Farmhouse Fresh

One of my male clients’ favorite products sold at our boutique are those from Farmhouse Fresh. I love all things that have that homemade, organic feel to them, so I totally get the buzz! Current favorites include Guac Star (avocado) for hydration, Soothing Active Yogurt Mask for tightening and Clarifying Mud Exfoliation Mask for toning and exfoliating.

Farmhouse Fresh GuacSand Your Ground® Clarifying Mud Exfoliation MaskFarmhouse Fresh Sundae Best Chocolate MaskFarmhouse Fresh Pajama Paste

Lux Laser Genesis™

Aside from products and skincare routines, I usually recommend my clients to dive deeper and schedule regular professional facials to get the best results.

Bella’s Lux Laser Genesis™ is our male clients’ favorite because it’s a non-invasive laser treatment that targets tons of issues at once, including large pores (a huge issue for men), acne scars, fine lines, and uneven skin tones. It’s also a great way to get rid of adult acne if you find yourself dealing with it on a regular basis, which I find is a common side-effect of shaving too often.

After a single treatment, you will see instant tightening, a reduction in pore size, and a noticeable brightening of your skin that results in a healthy, more youthful look!

PRP for Hair Restoration

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a treatment used to accelerate healing in different areas of the body. Medically, it’s used to heal joints, ligaments, and even muscles. Put into simple words, PRP stimulates the body’s reparative capabilities by gently injecting its own platelet-rich plasma into areas that might need a little push.

While the treatment has been used in the medical and veterinary fields for years now, it just recently started being used in the beauty industry to help our bodies ward of aging by firming the skin and building extra collagen. Another thing PRP is now being used for? Hair growth! Even though women can also deal with hair loss, it’s much more common in men and I find it’s the #1 self-esteem issue in a ton of my male clients.

Thanks to technology, hair restoration – especially around the scalp – is now a reality and not just a thing you see announced by dubious companies on telemarketing ads! If you want to learn more about PRP for hair growth, here’s a medical source to back our claims up.

And yep, we do offer the treatment at Bella! PRP injections are a COMPLICATED process that should only be done by a professional who knows exactly what they’re doing, so make sure you do your research beforehand. If you’re based in Atlanta, you can always contact us for a free consultation to see if you’re a candidate for the treatment.


I hope this guide to skincare for men was helpful. It’s so important to take care of our skin regardless of our gender, so I’m glad you took the first step!

If you have any questions or specific skin concerns you need to target, don’t forget we offer complimentary consultations to better help you come up with a skincare regime that works for your skin’s unique needs. You can get in touch with us at bella@bellamedspa.com or call us at 678-908-3491 to schedule a quick visit so we can assess and recommend the best treatment for you!



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