Congrats on making it to your 30s! Seriously, our twenties can be messy and they’re probably one of the most confusing times for any human being. Somehow, things only start to make more sense once you reach the so-called “dreaded thirties”.

One thing I did like about being in my twenties, though, was not having to worry that much about signs of aging on my skin! And while it’s definitely not the best feeling to start discovering a fine line here and there, I like to think of them as blessings because, hey! It’s a privilege to be able to age and get to stay a little longer in this weird and wonderful world, right?

But despite the fact that I love to look at the bright side of everything, I have to admit it’s never fun to realize it’s time to take your skin more seriously. I’ve previously written a post about the importance of taking care of your skin at an early age, but if you didn’t really go all in during your twenties, it’s not really too late to start proper skincare in your 30s, either!

If you’re new to the 30s club or just looking for professional tips on how to improve your skincare routine, here are some tips for you!


Essentials For Skincare in Your 30s


1. Eye Cream is your new BFF

The thing about eyes is that they virtually have no oil glands and so, it’s the first area of our face to start aging. Eek! Get yourself a good and well-formulated eye cream to give your eyes a little help. Apply it to the orbital bone around your eyes and just at the top of your cheekbones at least once a day (twice is best!).

Revision DEJ Eye Cream is my go-to eye cream. It visibly reduced sagging, wrinkles, and hooding around my eyes and also keeps the entire area hydrated. I love it!

Another fave of mine is Alastin’s Restorative Eye Treatment, especially for when I’m dealing with puffiness under my eyes!

Alastin Restorative Eye Treatment

2. Don’t Forget Your Neck

Yep! Our neck and décolletage are super important to take care of! They’re extremely delicate areas that are dead giveaways when it comes to showing signs of aging so make sure to give it just as much importance in your skincare routine as you do your face! (I know, it’s so much work, isn’t it?!).


3. Retinol

Retinol is a skincare hero and your most faithful friend in your thirties! When you apply retinol topically, it increases your cell turnover, stimulates collagen and elastin production and it also helps your skin look firmer and younger. It’s seriously THE best ingredient to smooth skin and visibly reduce signs of aging (and yes, it’s backed up by science). Oh, did I also mention it helps with pigmentation issues and minimizes breakouts? Seriously, it’s like gold when it comes to skincare.

My go-to is Revision Skincare Retinol Complete® 0.5. It’s a must in my nighttime skincare routine!

Retinol Complete® 0.5

4. Sleep!

I’m sure this doesn’t come as a shocker to anyone in their thirties, but a good night’s sleep is essential for proper skincare in your 30s. Remember when you were in your early 20s and you could pull all-nighters before a test or stay up till 6 am on a girls’ night out and feel fine the next day?


Lack of sleep affects us more as we age in so many different ways. Not only do hangovers feel REAL now and not getting enough sleep makes us feel grumpy, but it also affects our skin! Put in simple words, your body produces collagen and goes into repair mode while you snooze, so quality sleep is essential to maintain a youthful glow.

The next time you say to yourself “it’s no big deal, just one more episode” or “just five more minutes scrolling through Instagram” when you’re past your bedtime, remind yourself it’s costing you collagen… like, lots of it and nope, your body is no longer producing it naturally anymore, so go get some zzz!


5. Get committed to SPF

SPF is a staple when it comes to skincare no matter what decade you’re in, but it’s so easy to be a bit aloof about in your twenties. In your thirties, though, it’s essential to wear it on a daily basis and yes, that includes days where the sun isn’t shining at all! UVA rays cause premature aging, uneven skin tones, and changes in texture (not to mention lots of other health-related issues!), so it’s important to get really committed and apply it on the daily. I love Be Protected SPF – it’s mineral-based and non-greasy!

Bella Be Protected SPF


6. Stay Hydrated & Eat Well

Eating well is essential for skincare in your 30s

Even if you’re buying the most expensive skincare products in the world, they won’t help that much if you’re not taking care of your body from the inside out. Foods like kale, berries, and spinach are a must to ensure you stay healthy and glowing. What you eat can have such a huge effect on the way your skin looks and as you age, your diet becomes a key factor.

And also.. water! Lots of it! I feel as though I mention staying hydrated on every blog post that it has started to become repetitive but I only do it because it is so, so important to your skin’s health. You could put on all the moisturizers out there and not see as good of a result because you’re not hydrating your body properly. A great tip if you’re not crazy about drinking plain water is to put a bit of lemon in it to give it a little taste (this also helps boost your metabolism, so there’s also that!). Water = The holy grail of great skin.


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