We all want good, healthy skin, don’t we? As an aesthetician, I often have clients come in with skin issues that could easily be resolved by committing to a change of habits.

Common skincare mistakes we’re probably all guilty of can cause so many issues from acne breakouts to eczema and even premature aging. Seriously – you’d be surprised how the smallest things we do on the daily can make or wreck our skin into total havoc.

Today, I want to take a moment to share some of the biggest skincare mistakes I see as an aesthetician as well as tips on how to fix them (your skin will be so, so thankful!)

Here are some of the most common skincare mistakes we’ve all been guilty of and how to fix them:


1. Not Sleeping Enough

common skincare mistakes

There is definitely no substitute for sleep when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle and yep – the amount and quality of sleep you get will ultimately make or break your skin. If you want to look your best, get some sleep!⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Pro tip: Sleep with your head above your heart so that blood can drain away from the eye area and you’ll wake up without puffy bags under your eyes.


2. Not prioritizing self-care

I know stress is inevitable sometimes because hey, life can get weird and scary at times! With that in mind, though, it’s important to focus on self-care to reduce your stress levels. Meditation, yoga, and journaling are all great options to get yourself feeling better if you don’t necessarily have the budget to go on a de-stressing trip to Bora Bora or book a retreat in Bali. Other things I love doing? Exercise, reading, and horseback riding! When I’m not pampering my clients at Bella, I’m usually riding horses and that does wonders for me. Self-care comes in all forms, so do whatever works for you!!

Stress usually expresses itself as dehydration on the skin, but it can be a little bit different for everyone. Here’s my go-to skin regimen for when I experience stress breakouts:

  • Take Allegra or another allergy medication to stop the histamine reaction triggered by cortisol (the stress hormone).
  • Apply a collagen sheet mask.
  • Apply Cortizone cream to inflamed or infected areas.
  • Use a jade roller to cool the skin or apply ice packs.


3. Not cleaning your phone

skincare habits

I’m often surprised at people’s shocked reactions when I tell them one of the biggest skincare mistakes I see these days is not cleaning their phones! It’s like… they realize how obvious it seems but they are surprised they never thought about it before, which I totally get because phones are such a common part of our lives. Phones carry bacteria, sweat, dead cells, and many other disgusting things I don’t even want to think about and when you pick up a call, all that stuff goes straight to your face.

Use a disinfecting wipe to clean your phone at least once a day and it’ll make a world of difference. It might be quite annoying at first, but it’ll become a habit in no time.


4. Not changing your linen every week

skincare mistakes

I’ve had so many clients experiencing unexpected acne and eczema breakouts that they can’t seem to explain and after so much back and forth, I knew the culprits were their sheets! I know this is probably not the nicest things to read, but there’s a TON of stuff on our beds – think deal cells, drool, and bacteria, to name just a few! Not washing your sheets regularly is one of the most common skincare mistakes I see these days.

A survey found out that most people go 25 days between washes and that’s not exactly the number of days I like to hear about as an aesthetician! Keeping your linen clean and fresh is so, so important. You ought to launder them on a weekly basis, so make sure you put that in your list of chores to make your skin happy!


5. Not being picky when purchasing pillowcases

Skincare mistakes

Speaking of fresh laundry… make sure you get picky when buying pillowcases! I’m all for saving money, but my linen (and mattress) is something I always like to invest well in.

While you sleep, you’re constantly pressing your face on your pillow which causes trauma to your skin. As we begin to age and lose collagen, this trauma can cause permanent creasing. Silk sheets are your saviors here! They’re super comfy and I can sleep soundly knowing my skin isn’t creasing against rough fabric all night!


6. Not taking your vitamins

Common skincare mistakes

Vitamins are absolutely essential when it comes to healthy skin. Seriously, it doesn’t matter how many products you apply topically if you’re not working your skin from the inside out and striving to be your healthiest self. When you feel your best, it’ll show, trust me on this one!

I wrote an entire post on the best vitamins for clear skin, so make sure to check it out for further info on what vitamins to prioritize both in your diet as well as your skincare regimen (many of these vitamins have an amazing effect on your skin when you apply them topically!).

Moreover, supplements can become your best friends! I love taking my LUMITY Supplements because they’re specifically made for women and their formula is focused on anti-aging benefits.


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Skincare mistakes you're probably guilty of! Good skin comes with good habits, and it doesn't matter if you're putting on the best skincare products and doing your skincare routine to the T if you're guilty of this skincare mistakes!

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