There are some topics we take to our best friend first because she is the go-to when we need an ear for our questions and a judgement-free sounding board to validate our concerns. She always has a solution or two, thankfully, because a Google search could lead us down a path that fuels anxiety. I’d put sexual discomfort, bladder leaks and menopause at the top of the list of convos that ladies are more comfortable discussing with their girlfriends before anyone else!


I’ve had some Bella clients privately ask me about help with problems “down there” that were about restoring sexual satisfaction, incontinence and vaginal atrophy. Rebecca, one of Bella’s medical aestheticians, told me she was getting the same sorts of questions. It turns out that our ladies were learning about vaginal laser treatments and wanted to know if Bella offered anything similar.

We understand why women prefer Bella for help with their most intimate body parts! Our all-female and certified staff, cozy and comfortable ambience and experience with lasers encourages women to trust us. So, I decided to add ThermiVa laser treatment for vaginal rejuvenation to our services since we already love Thermi lasers and Rebecca had given ThermiVa treatments earlier in her career. At Bella, she’s been giving them for almost a year – to very appreciative women. So, let me explain how ThermiVa delivers amazing results and you can decide if the “BFF Treatment” is right for you.

But First, Some Biology

Imagine the pelvic floor muscles working as a hammock holding up the bladder, uterus and rectum. With pregnancy, this muscle tissue changes, particularly when the baby moves through the pelvis. Then during childbirth, stretching and sometimes tears in these muscles occurs, which can introduce women to ongoing bladder leaks.

For those who don’t experience vaginal childbirth, atrophy comes naturally with aging and can bring concerns about vaginal laxity. And because estrogen production declines as you age, women see a rise in vaginal and vulvar dryness, discomfort during sex, bladder leaks and more. That’s why so many ladies need to lift their pelvic floor and rejuvenate their tissue for relief!

So, whether the concerns began with delivering a baby (or two or three…) or aging, all ladies should be able to cough or laugh or jump on a trampoline without worry.

Now I’ll explain the new treatment.

ThermiVa Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatment

ThermivaI selected the ThermiVa laser because the device was created with the most thoughtful engineering to treat the vaginal area. Many already know Thermi equipment from our Lux Thermi Body Treatment that targets and tightens cellulite. You can watch me here using a ThermiSmooth laser to lift and firm a client’s neck. The ThermiVa radio-frequency device holds a single-use wand that’s quite narrow, like a pinky finger. The wand is warmed to 95°F then gently stroked both externally and internally while gradually warming at a rate that the client finds comfortable, with a max of 104°F. Thousands of nerve endings are massaged during the 20-minute session.

This technique encourages the production of new collagen that tightens and tones the vagina and vulva. Women are delighted about their improved sensitivity, vaginal tightening and bladder control.

Treatment Options

One or two treatments are suggested for vaginal tightening with a single session costing $1,500. For patients who are looking to improve bladder control, three session are recommended and available as a package for $3,000. A lunchtime session is doable and women can resume workouts or sex the same day! (Women who are pregnant or have given birth within the last six months need to consult with their doctor first.)

See the ThermiVa special at Bella this month!

A Fit for Women of All Ages and Stages

We’ve had clients take advantage of ThermiVa for all sorts of reasons with truly positive results. Several in their 20s and 30s were interested for aesthetic reasons and others wanted tightness and to stop leaks after childbirth. Another woman wanted to restore sensation after undergoing radiation and chemotherapy treatments for cancer. We even had a client confide that her partner noticed the difference during sex, even though she had not told him about the treatment!

Now that I am 40, I’m curious about life after your 30s. I was fascinated to read an American Academy of Physicians report that almost half of women ages 40 to 60 experience some kind of incontinence. The rates rise with each decade of age. And the AAP thinks the numbers are probably higher because its underreported and some women are under diagnosed!

No matter your age or what your body has endured, all women should enjoy their lives without disappointment or worry.

Let’s Talk

It’s so great that women are comfortable asking me about vaginal rejuvenation. Rebecca, Jaime, our R.N. and medical aesthetician, and I are super comfortable having a discussion around what ThermiVa could do to help. But, if you’re shy about bringing up what’s going on “down there,” then simply ask any one of us about the “BFF Treatment” to get a private, complimentary consultation.

As always, contact Bella to schedule a consult or a ThermiVa session and reclaim your vaginal health and wellness. Having a beautiful quality of life is important and you may even have a partner who will enjoy the benefits, too.

If you are ready to get started, take advantage of the ThermiVa special going on this month.


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