Most children, like my own, have glowing skin simply by virtue of being young. But, in your 20s, dullness begins to cast its shadow on your skin as skin cell turnover slows to once a month. By your 50s, the shedding rate has continuously slowed to once every two months.

I want to go over the steps to get the glow on your face and body all year round.

How to Get Glowing Skin - Bella Medspa

Force Skin Cell Turnover for Glowing Skin

As adults, we need a cleansing exfoliator to slough off dead skin cells and remove pollution from the skin. The benefits of exfoliating are many – your skin is clearer, the products used afterwards will permeate into deeper layers of skin tissue, and brighter skin shines through.

I suggest exfoliating your face and neck two to three times a week. People with sensitive skin should exfoliate probably only once a week. And whenever you end up with extra exfoliator on your hands, apply that down toward your décolletage for a radiant chest.

To get rid of millions of old skin cells on your body, a gel-based body wash like Byredo’s Gypsy Water works in warmer months while a loofah with a sugar scrub does the job in winter.

Exfoliating Facials

Beyond at-home exfoliation, regular facials done by an aesthetician will give amazing results. Bella offers many facials that deliver glowing skin you want, with many starting at $175, and several are excellent for forcing skin cell turnover.

Microdermabrasian FacialDiamond Microdermabrasion is wonderful for a deep clean of the pores and removing up to ten layers of skin. A diamond-tipped wand removes the outer skin layers to reveal a more vibrant and even skin tone.

Removing two or three layers through Diamond Microdermabrasion is especially effective to prime the face before a laser treatment. By having this first, the lasers will be able to soak in further and work better at giving you a more radiant and younger look. Feel free to watch me doing a Diamond Microdermabrasion facial to see what it entails. This is a mild service, so you can immediately go on with your day.

The Aquagold Miracle Glow® facial is what I like to call “Photoshop in a bottle!” An exclusive prescription infusion mixes hyaluronic acid to give a boost of moisture and hydroquinone to lighten spots, like melasma and freckles. It also contains vitamin B12 to promote healthy and bright skin tissue production and vitamin C for boosting collagen production and repairing sun damage.

This facial uses tiny 24 karat gold-plated needles in a device that delivers an infusion to the deep-skin tissue that instantly plumps and smooths fine lines and wrinkles. It’s safe for all skin types and helpful for treating acne and a dull skin tone. My clients also like this infusion for improving the look of acne scars because it kills bacteria that causes acne. The cost starts at $675, which is more expensive, but worth every penny! There is no downtime for this one either. You may want to watch an Aquagold Miracle Glow facial.

Facials for Photo-Ready Faces

The Image O2 Face Lift Facial is designed for Southern lifestyles where sunburn and dehydration are concerns all year round. A hydrating infusion delivers enzymes to exfoliate as well as botanical stem cells that help collagen synthesis in the skin tissue.

I recommend this as a gentle, pre-event facial that will get you noticed and looking gorgeous in photos! You could do this the day of an event because there’s no downtime after the treatment. Plus, it’s safe for all skin types and during pregnancy.

HydraFacial MD with Alastin Skincare’s TriHex Technology® is another facial you can do the same day as an event and will have everyone saying, “Wow!” We were the first medspa in Atlanta to offer this anti-aging, glow-inducing treatment. The treatment exfoliates, extracts and delivers antioxidant protection. Then the TriHex infusion hydrates and repairs your skin tissue.

The new technology in this facial delivers results that last for months! We find it so intriguing we are working on an advice article all about the HydraFacial MD.

Enhance your Glowing Skin with Lasers

Looking to laser facials for radiance, the IPL Photofacial uses a laser to gently pull up and away spots and remove the small, red veins found by the nose, which balances skin tone. Plus, it stimulates collagen production. I call this the “No Makeup Laser” because clients usually skip their concealer and foundation afterwards!

I really believe that with a great skincare routine and facials, all you will need is a swipe of black mascara and a touch of shimmery peach highlighter, like Daniel Sandler Watercolour Fluid Blusher, and you are good to go!

Because some people find it difficult to select which facial or treatment they want, I wanted to provide this advice on what I recommend most often to clients.

Remember that Bella Membership is a simple solution to facial services and the best way to get that glowing skin you are after. I offer three levels – Bella Glow, Bella Radiance and Bella Transformation – for monthly membership. During each visit, we’ll suggest the best treatments based on a custom-tailored menu that will include facials and the option for lasers and peels.

I always welcome you to contact Bella to learn more about our treatments or our Bella Memberships. I looking forward seeing your glow after your next treatment!



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