Face masks are now an essential part of our lives. While many of us try to make the best of it by getting cute ones to match our outfits, there’s definitely an unfortunate side-effect to wearing masks on the daily: mask-related acne. Or, as we like to call it, “maskne.”

Seriously, 2020 brought so many new and frustrating buzzwords that we never thought we’d use on the daily: quarantine, lockdown, and yep, maskne!

The ‘new normal’ requires us to wear masks regularly to protect ourselves and those around us,. While I’ve personally gotten used to it, we’re definitely uncovering a new skincare concern: mask-induced acne. Acne is not fun under any circumstances, but it’s even less so when it feels that we have to make a choice between it or our well-being.

When we think of the onset of problems we’ve all faced this year, maskne doesn’t seem like the worst of them, but it can definitely take a toll on someone’s self-esteem. The good news is there are ways to prevent acne from ever happening while still being able to wear our face masks.  So, keep on reading to get my tips. And if you’re already experiencing a breakout, I’ve got a few hacks to get rid of it ASAP, too!

So, how is maskne caused?

Maskne is caused by sweating and breath humidity inside of the trapped air in a face mask for an extended period of time. Plus, the constant rubbing of the mask against your skin creates small tears that help bacteria and dirt clog up our pores. Sexy, huh? To top things off, some people also experience rashes and dehydration along with peeling skin…eek!

Tips to prevent maskne

Pick the right mask
Use a cloth face mask whenever possible. Dermatologists suggest 100% cotton as a good compromise because it allows your skin to breathe but it’s also effective when protecting you against the virus. Synthetic and medical face masks are shown to cause more skin irritation due to bleach and synthetic irritants, so avoid them at all costs!

Wash your mask frequently
Masks are like underwear these days – wash them frequently! Oil, dirt, and sweat get caught up in the cloth, and you definitely don’t want that sitting there when you put on your face mask.

Lavender essential oil is your new BFF
Apply one very small drop of high-quality lavender essential oil inside of the face mask to be worn daily. Lavender essential oil has been clinically proven to kill bacteria and even some viruses. Plus, it has an antiseptic quality.

Avoid wearing makeup or lotions under the mask
A positive side to wearing face masks is that we get to give our skin a break from make-up because, well, no one can see half of our face, right?! Stay natural under that mask for the time being and have fun focusing your makeup efforts on your eyes instead. Don’t be afraid to get extra and make the most out of that 2020 aesthetic!

Drink lots of water!
Staying hydrated is our #1 skincare tip since before face masks were even a thing, and it still very much applies today.

Buy a water bottle that really speaks to you – something brightly colored and sparkly that you’ll be happy to carry around everywhere you go. That way, you’ll drink more water throughout the day as you’ll always have a reminder.

Bonus tip: Add a little bit of lemon as it revs up your digestion and metabolism – two birds with one stone!

Perform a weekly at-home calming facial treatment

Set a day every week to indulge in some self-care and create a relaxing skincare routine. First, wash your face with cool water and apply a gentle creamy cleanser. Then, apply some lavender essential oil (make sure you keep it in the refrigerator before applying it). To finish, apply a jelly sheet mask to soothe your skin and hydrate it.

And voila! Not only is this routine super relaxing, but it will also help prevent possible maskne outbreaks.

Use Bella’s Be Glowy

Our Be Glowy serum is a wonderful way to nourish and hydrate your skin and impart a smooth complexion and instant correction. With just a few drops, your skin will stay moisturized for the entire day. Its blend of antioxidants and humectants will help your skin stay young, hydrated, and super glowy!

Maskne Laser Treatments

How to handle a maskne outbreak

Unfortunately, maskne outbreaks are bound to happen. But, as always, I’ve got your back! If you’re currently experiencing an outbreak, follow the trick of three: 1) take a Benadryl pill at night,  2) apply Cortizone cream 1% and 3) apply an ice pack to the affected area for five minutes. Typically, the inflammation will resolve within twenty four hours with this simple trick!

Treatments to beat maske like a total pro

If at-home solutions aren’t doing the trick, remember that Bella is always here for you! We’ve had lots of success treating stubborn maskne on our patients using some of our existing treatments. A few examples of treatments that are doing the trick are our Hydrafacial and Laser Genesis. Our Hydro Jelly Mask has done wonders, too! Combined, they’re the perfect trifecta to soothe your maskne woes because they rebalance and stimulate collagen production, kill bacteria, as well as soothe and heal your skin.

We recommend getting treatments done once a month or as needed. Take it to the next level with our Ouchless Acne Laser Facial. It is an amazing way to prevent acne and help you get rid of existing acne scars that may have resulted from past outbreaks.

If you’re not sure what’s the best treatment for your skin, or you’re also interested in battling other skin concerns during your visit, remember that our consultations are always free. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at bella@bellamedspa.com or call us at 678-908-3491 to schedule a quick visit so we can assess and recommend the best treatment for you.



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