For anyone who has ever had absolutely awful medspa experiences, I get you! I’ve been there. You wouldn’t believe the wild stories I hear from clients about treatments they have had at spas around the globe and the money that they wasted. While some stories are truly funny, the tragic ones are when the client saw no results at all, or even worse, were physically hurt. My heart really goes out to those who have had bad experiences, but it gives me the opportunity to show them what a spa experience should be.

Bella - Spa ExperiencesI personally have had medspa experiences that span from the painful to the pathetic.

When I was quite young, I was given a chemical peel which ended up being really painful. But the woman left the room, so I had to get up and walk down the hall to find someone (anyone!) to help remove the chemicals from my skin. Another time I had a lovely facial but at the end my aesthetician told me that “it looked like I had lost a battle with my skin.” So, I left feeling hopeless and discouraged instead of feeling beautiful, empowered and educated.

At Bella, it’s our first priority to provide customized treatments tailored to your skin’s particular needs, with a huge emphasis on customer service. We find clients are loyal to us because we share our passion and knowledge for skin care not only with our laser treatments but also with tips, products, and even nutrition. If you do choose to go somewhere else, I would recommend you get personal recommendations and do your research.  At the very least, be sure the spa has the newest laser equipment – older lasers can actually be more painful and less effective.

Client Testimonial

“I received a coupon for Coolsculpting at a new medspa so I decided to check it out.  I did have some benefit on one thigh but not the other and was left with divots and ridges on both!  Luckily Alethea was able to smooth out the ridges and then continue dissolving more of the fat so my legs matched. What a traumatic experience and a total waste of money. Thank goodness for Bella!”

Your Comfort is our First Priority

We have several tricks up our sleeve to ensure clients are comfortable. Clients often tell me they find laser hair removal too painful to tolerate, so I will do a quick touch-up so they can see that a modern medical laser hair removal procedure is quick and painless. For those nervous about lasers, we take our time and only treat a small area until the client is relaxed.

For a more medically invasive laser treatment, we provide numbing cream, a cooling air spray, cool jade rollers and a facial massager, all so the person is soothed while we work our miracles on their skin. With over 18 years of experience and knowledge, I am able to comfortably treat even the most timid and sensitive skin patients. I actually really enjoy proving to a client that laser skincare can be relatively pain-free, while also providing amazing results.

A Well-Deserved Reputation

Bella has been Buckhead’s favorite medspa for over 10 years because we use only the gold standard in medical lasers which are governed by the Georgia Composite Medical Board. Our clients range from attorneys, CEOs and other medical professionals to high-level business men and women who are quite exacting and demanding – just like us! We have earned a reputation as one of Atlanta‘s ‘Leading Antiaging Laser Centers’ for a reason.

When a new client comes in and asks “Does this really work?” we can confidently say that we only perform FDA approved, clinically proven procedures at Bella so you can be confident in your investment of both time and money. We are in the business of getting results and have been successful because of it.  No more hair, no more veins, no more scars, no more sunspots, no more fine lines — just happy smiles!

About Bella Medspa, The Face of Innovative Skincare in Atlanta
Following the vision of owner Alethea Tinkle, Bella Medspa opened in Buckhead in 2010 to provide anti-aging and skincare treatments for people seeking healthier skin and greater self-confidence. Bella’s all-female team of medical and clinical aestheticians provides guidance and long-term solutions for all skin concerns and most skin conditions with laser and facial treatments. In addition, they offer the highest-quality products from bespoke formulas to the best clinical skincare lines.


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