TCA Cross - Blog PostSome people are blessed with gorgeous skin throughout adolescence. But many of us suffer hormonal breakouts that scar us emotionally and leave their physical marks on our face as adults. With time and a diligent skin care regimen, these indentations and marks soften and fade. But many people continue to look for a smooth complexion and solutions to resolve old scarring.

Over the years, I personally tried a wide range of medical treatments from painful Obagi Blue Peels to equally traumatic Fraxel Resurfacing Lasers. These treatments did provide skin smoothing, but it was temporary and came with substantial recovery and downtime. Thanks to new research and technology, as Medical Aestheticians and Laser Specialists, we now have access to wonderful advancements in scar repair.

TCA Cross – a miracle treatment!

TCA Cross is one of those miracle treatments that works to repair collagen and skin tissue in even the deepest of acne scars. It is easily administered without pain or downtime. A winning combination! We are so accustomed to “you must suffer to be beautiful!” Even I was skeptical to try a TCA Cross scar repair treatment. However, I continue to be pleasantly surprised and it is now one of our favorite services.

At Bella, we use TCA Cross to treat enlarged pores, most acne scars and divots in the skin tissue. It even minimizes certain fine lines and wrinkles. Working in the dermal live layer of tissue, it acts as a glue adhering the sides of the scar together like an internal suture. Simultaneously, it adds volume from the root of the scar up to the top layer. The treatment takes an average of 30 minutes from beginning to end.

TCA Cross provides some instant plumping and smoothing benefits immediately.  You will also see continued deep tissue repair for up to four weeks post-procedure. This treatment does not require any numbing and patients can go about their normal schedule immediately. As with most medical skin procedures, we recommend avoiding heat and sun exposure for 24 hours.

TCA Cross Before and After

Causes of acne scars and divots in the skin.

When a pore becomes swollen and inflamed with infection from the P Acnes bacteria, it fills with white blood cells to trap and absorb the infection. All the inflammation will cause hardening and kill the surrounding tissue. Once the infection is resolved, the tissue at the surface on the epidermal layer now takes up less volume in the skin. It then collapses into itself creating a permanent divot.

Worse still, if the infection causes a rupture of the pore or attached gland, the collapsed tissue will be even deeper and more prominent. This explains why topical lotions and pampering facials simply can’t create a lasting repair. A treatment like TCA Cross is needed because it works from the inside out for deep tissue repair.

Be like a lotus flower!

The lotus is an inspiring symbol of perseverance and growth. Its bulb has to grow up through the muck and mire towards the sunshine before it can blossom. I think the lotus flower is a wonderful image for the skin transformation process!

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