Lasers are magical and powerful and the results are stunning when done correctly. But they are also very dangerous in the hands of an unskilled practitioner or when equipment is not maintained properly. Here’s the scoop on safe lasering!

Did you know that lasers are medical class 4 devices regulated by the FDA and each state’s medical board?

Alethea Tinkle - Laser SpecialistTo own and use a laser in the State of Georgia, you are required to have a medical doctor on staff overseeing treatments.  However, to perform laser treatments the only requirement in Georgia is a two day course – most of which is in the form of a lecture. Similarly, to administer injectables you can take an online or in-person weekend course, order your Botox and filler, and start seeing clients the very next day. Yikes! I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t let anyone touch my face with anything medical after just sitting through one lecture!

I often hear from new clients that they have tried laser treatments elsewhere with little to no results, received a blister or burn, or the treatment was entirely too painful to continue. There are so many factors for causing these types of experiences but with my 19 years of experience as a medical aesthetician and laser specialist, I can guarantee that you will have a very pleasant, quick laser experience with amazing results. It doesn’t have to be scary!

When it comes to Laser Medspas, you need a Guru

When researching what laser treatment may be best for your skin or looking for a reputable laser center, you need to know what you are looking for. Unfortunately, most laser centers in Atlanta don’t actually own Class Four medical lasers. Shocking, I know! Even the big names, the corporately owned chains with huge offices in Atlanta, don’t actually own real lasers.

Here’s what you need:

  • A medical staff certified as laser practitioners in the State of Georgia with a minimum of two years of experience
  • For Laser Hair Removal, you want either a 755 Alexandrite or 1064 YAG laser
  • A medical doctor on staff as the medical director, preferably with laser experience.

There are hundreds of laser manufacturers but there are only about 12 different laser wavelengths that we can use in the US cosmetically. This means that most often you will see “new” lasers and laser treatments that have just been re-branded and re-boxed or sold under a new manufacturers name. It is extremely rare for a new wave length to come on the market that is FDA approved. I’m happy to share some of the current fads and laser centers without actual lasers during a complementary consultation to help protect you as a consumer.

Laser FacialHere are some of Bella’s medical lasers:

  • 755 hair removal
  • 755 spot removal
  • 1064 hair removal
  • 1064 leg vein laser
  • 1064 facial vein laser
  • 1064 Tighten for skin tightening
  • 1064 Laser Genesis
  • Alma IPL
  • Alma Erbium Pixel Perfect
  • Venus Legacy Multi Polar Radio Frequency
  • Thermi Multi Polar & ElectroMagnetoc Radio Frequency
  • CryoSlimming
  • LipoLaser

At Bella Medspa, we have taken our treatments one step further  which truly sets us apart from every other skincare practice in Atlanta. I have used my extensive hands-on experience and training, as well as research and medical provider input to design Bella exclusive techniques, settings and safe laser layering practices for the very best results. The best way to take advantage of this is through a Bella Membership. Consistent, monthly visits to Bella allows us to layer all of our knowledge and passion for results every time we see you. A minimal investment with a maximum effect!

Come experience the Bella difference that experience and quality medical lasers provides!


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