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After working in the industry for nearly 20 years, Alethea Tinkle knows her stuff. She works diligently to provide only the best and most effective treatments and services at Bella.  Count on Bella’s Beauty Blog as your go-to place for advice, new offerings at Bella and information on industry trends.

Alethea’s Morning Skincare Routine

I’m the small business owner of Bella Medspa, a wife, a mom to two young children and an equestrian, as most of you know. These are all big things that I love and need my attention daily. So, I follow a simple morning skincare routine to keep my outlook on the busy...

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Is Laser Hair Removal Worth It?

Anyone who knows me knows the breezy tops and shorter skirts that arrive with the warm weather are one reason I love spring. Jackets come off as we move outdoors to restaurant and office patios. Soon, summer will be here with swimsuits and trips to the pool and the...

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Real Results at Bella!

We love feedback from our clients! Below is a letter we received in regards to our popular Microneedling Treatment. "Microneedling hurts a lot, however the pain is only temporary for about 20 minutes after that it's not that painful. I would say it's a fantastic...

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Puffy Eyes? Here are some of the causes … And cures!

One cause of puffy eyes is excess salt in your diet. Another cause is your sleep position, because when you lie down horizontally, gravity pushes fluid into the bags under your eyes. Finally, allergies can play a role in puffiness. Don't worry! We have a few remedies...

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