Ask Alethea

Alethea Tinkle is an absolute skincare guru and aesthetician extraordinaire.  It is her job, it is her hobby, it is her passion. She is the perfect blend of beauty and science and loves to stay current on both in order to bring the latest and greatest to her clients at Bella.

If you do not find the skincare answers you are looking for, we encourage you to Ask Alethea.

How to Have Glowing Skin

Most children, like my own, have glowing skin simply by virtue of being young. But, in your 20s, dullness begins to cast its shadow on your skin as skin cell turnover slows to once a month. By your 50s, the shedding rate has continuously slowed to once every two...

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Good Skincare Habits Should Start Early

As a professional aesthetician, I’m here to help you help your skin. When dealing with good skincare habits, there’s always a few basics to keep in mind, especially for my youngest clients. The main thing is consistency and following a consistent routine with the...

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Alethea’s Morning Skincare Routine

I’m the small business owner of Bella Medspa, a wife, a mom to two young children and an equestrian, as most of you know. These are all big things that I love and need my attention daily. So, I follow a simple morning skincare routine to keep my outlook on the busy...

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Is Laser Hair Removal Worth It?

Anyone who knows me knows the breezy tops and shorter skirts that arrive with the warm weather are one reason I love spring. Jackets come off as we move outdoors to restaurant and office patios. Soon, summer will be here with swimsuits and trips to the pool and the...

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Real Results at Bella!

We love feedback from our clients! Below is a letter we received in regards to our popular Microneedling Treatment, and the clients REAL before and after pictures.    "Microneedling hurts a lot, however the pain is only temporary for about 20 minutes after that...

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New Treatment at Bella!

The Mini Laser Microneedling Facial ~ The Mini MN is a great refresher for the skin with no downtime, no redness and no peeling. It uses a lighter setting than the regular Microneedling Facial but it is still affective for resolving acne, tightening, and giving skin...

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Puffy Eyes? Here are some of the causes … And cures!

One cause of puffy eyes is excess salt in your diet. Another cause is your sleep position, because when you lie down horizontally, gravity pushes fluid into the bags under your eyes. Finally, allergies can play a role in puffiness. Don't worry! We have a few remedies...

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Alethea’s Skincare Regimen

People always ask me about what products I use on my skin. Here are a few products I can't go without! I use Ormedic Lip Therapy to hydrate my lips after brushing my teeth. Obagi Vitamin C goes on every morning to help brighten my skin. I apply Elastiderm Eye to...

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How to Pamper and Protect Your Skin

Summer is here! And that means exposure to the sun. Protect and pamper your skin this season! Here are a few helpful suggestions to keep you looking bronzed while protecting you from the sun's harmful rays. Everyone at Bella wears Revision Skincare's Intellishade...

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