Spending time at the beach or on a summer vacation is relaxing and rejuvenating for your mind, but your skin may need some extra care both during and after your trip. Although you should be practicing good skincare habits every day of the year, it’s easy to slip up while you’re on vacation.

The sun and even spending time in the water can make your skin look dull. Get your glow back after being in the sun with these skincare products and treatments. Taking care of your skin now can reduce the signs of aging and keep your skin looking its best for years to come – here are my tops vacation skincare tips!

My Vacation Skincare Obsessions:

Eat Healthily

While you’re on vacation, it’s tempting to indulge in rich foods that you probably wouldn’t eat back at home. While it’s totally fine to treat yourself occasionally, it’s important to continue to eat a balanced diet and drink lots and lots of water.  

When I’m on vacation, I like to eat foods with a lot of Vitamin C for its skin benefits. I drink plenty of water throughout the day, and I add some fresh lemon juice to my water. Not only does the lemon wedge make my water taste better, but it also gives it a metabolic boost and gives me more Vitamin C that my skin just loves!

Vacation Skincare Tips

Get Enough Sleep

Vacation is a time for resting. Try to get a good night’s sleep each night. Getting enough sleep gives your skin an instant pick-me-up, especially your eye area.

Wear Sunscreen

You should wear sunscreen every single day, but it’s imperative that you wear it all over your body when you’ll be spending significant time under the sun. Look for a broad-spectrum sunscreen that protects your skin from both UVA and UVB rays from the sun.

I wear the Revision Intellishade Original. This is a daily moisturizer coupled with SPF 45 protection for your skin.  It’s a 5 in 1 formula that corrects, protects, conceals, brightens, and hydrates so your skin feels better than ever. It’s also tinted, so you get a subtle glow that instantly makes your skin look fresh and moisturized.

Remember to reapply often. Use a waterproof sunscreen if you’ll be in the water. If you’re over 50, your skin can be more susceptible to sun damage. If you’re relaxing outside, try to sit under a shade so you can enjoy the weather but aren’t exposed to the sun’s rays for too long.

If you’ll be in the water, I recommend Alastin HydraTint sunscreen. It has a lower SPF of 36, but it is water-resistant for 40 minutes. It’s also eco-friendly and reef-friendly, which is essential if you plan on swimming in the ocean or going snorkeling. Like the Revision Intellishade, it also has a slight tint for an instant glow.

Vacation Skincare Tips

Protect Your Eyes

Protect your eyes by wearing sunglasses that block UV rays from the sun and use Obagi Elastiderm Eye Serum during and after sun exposure. I use it year-round to reduce bags under the eyes and puffiness.

This is my go-to for reducing the signs of aging, including fine lines, crow’s feet, and wrinkles. It also starts to work right away to reduce dark circles and reduce puffiness.

Don’t Forget Your Lips

You use sunscreen on your body and your face and wear sunglasses to protect your eyes, but don’t forget your delicate lips. They can also get sunburned as the rest of your body can! The sun can also dry them out and make them sore or even hurt.

I use Image Ormedic Lip Complex to keep my lips moisturized. This also reduces fine lines to help prevent signs of aging. It has polypeptides to boost moisture volume up to 40 percent with continued usage.

Refresh Laser

After your vacation, get a Bella’s Lux Refreshing Laser Facial. This is our most popular laser facial treatment for anti-aging. It helps treat fine lines and wrinkles, reduce redness and hyperpigmentation, and reduce pore size. There’s no downtime or pain, and your skin will look better right away.

More Ways to Protect Your Skin During Your Vacation

  • Add an astaxanthin supplement to your diet. This antioxidant is stronger than Vitamin C and protects your cells from sun damage.  
  • Drink green tea or add matcha powder to your foods. It’s high in antioxidants that neutralize free radicals.
  • Take a Vitamin C supplement to support your immune system and promote skin healing, especially if you spent a lot of time under the sun during your travels.
  • Wear a sun hat to protect your skin from sun damage while still enjoying being outside in the nice weather. This is probably my #1 vacation skincare rec.


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Going on vacation and wondering how to take care of your skin? The sun and change of climate can take a toll on your skin and make it look dull, so here are my top skincare tips to get that glow on your skin even when traveling!

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