Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Post Operative Care

Plastic Surgery is a Big Deal

The decision to undergo plastic surgery can be fraught with anxiety about the procedure itself and uncertainty about the desired outcome. Most people do a lot of research to learn more about options, get referrals for doctors and talk to friends about their experiences. However, one of the things that often gets lost in the shuffle is the importance of post-operative care. And, what a lot of people don’t realize is the way your post-op care is handled can actually impact the end result of the surgery itself.

We have listened to so many patients over the years complain about the care they received after various procedures, as well as a lack of transparency on what to expect. With over 18 years of experience in pre/post operative care, we provide you with the very best in healing and recovery support.

Post Operative Care at Bella

Our team of experienced providers know that no two healing processes are identical. With that in mind your pre and post operative care treatment plan will need to be an individualized treatment plan. Most physicians will explain to their patients that the results will be half based on the actual procedure and the other half is how you prepare before and treat your body afterwards.

Our integrated manual post-operative techniques.

Lymph Drainage. Reduces unwanted and unneeded post surgical swelling.
Fascial Reorganization. Reduces lumps, bumps, tightened connective tissue and muscle.
Scar Manipulation. Combats scar thickening and normalizes soft tissue.
Stress Reduction. Calms the nervous system and alleviates post-operative depression and “buyer’s remorse.”
Scar Therapy. Laser resurfacing and pigment evening treatments.
Radio Frequency. For fluid reduction, bruise reduction, and blood flow stimulation.

Post-Op Care Packages are customized per patient and may include the following:

  • Post office consultations for coaching, guidance, check ins, best healing tips & tricks, as well as personalized text message services
  • Edema and bruise healing
  • Thermi smooth to detox, flush out swelling and bruising and stimulate healing
  • IPL for scar therapy and reducing redness
  • Nurse administered medical massage & drainage
  • Pixel perfect scar therapy
  • PRP scar repair
  • Hylenex filler dissolver
  • Wellness booster shots to aid in recovery
  • Checklist for pre-surgical supplies and at-home instructions
  • Customized body contouring

Packages start at $1,200

Post-Op Tips for the Best Possible Results

Reduce salt. Salt encourages our body to retain water, so get rid of unwanted swelling by eating foods that are low in sodium. Avoid the 5 whites- white salt, white sugar, weight, white rice, white bread.

No Gatorade. It may seem counterintuitive, but the sports drink is filled with sodium encouraging water retention.

Increase protein. Protein is essential with wound healing, muscle and skin re-growth and repair and prevention of hair loss. Make sure that every meal or snack includes a good source of protein.

Decrease Sugar. The intake of complex sugar can suppress the immune system, upset the body’s mineral balance, and increase fasting levels of blood glucose.

Eat small amounts many times throughout the day. Especially to avoid nausea and bloating. Can follow the BRAT diet: bananas, rice, apple sauce, and toast.

Enjoy a glass of wine. Wine works as a diuretic, so consuming a glass of wine 2-3 weeks post-operatively may be helpful for post-surgical swelling. Do not mix alcohol with any prescription drugs and consult with your physician first.

Move! Increase circulation and the flow of lymph fluid.


Lots of watermelon. In addition to this tasty fruit there are a number of high water content fruits and vegetables including strawberries, grapefruit, zucchini and celery. Drink watermelon juice!

Use an exercise ball. Use a large exercise ball to stretch post -surgically and break up adhesions (great after lipo procedures). Rotate in all directions. Lay on back, sides and stomach.

Self Massage. Mechanical self massage units are great for ‘at home’ self massage, especially for tummy tuck and lipo procedures. Be sure to find one that adjusts for intensity and remember your numbness will not give you an accurate sense of how deep it’s working. Back off, and remember that in this situation “less is more.” Consider using at 6 weeks post op and beyond.

Use silicone sheeting on scars. Helps to keep a scar warm and moist, therefore aids in scar healing.

Don’t scratch! Sarna Ultra Anti-itch Lotion is great for reducing the itching as scars heal. This product may be found at local drugstores.

Consume a quality probiotic. Antibiotics and other prescription drugs will destroy good bacteria in our gut. We recommend Visbiome.

Not sure what you will need?

Enjoy a complimentary consultation to develop an individualized plan.

*Disclaimer: This site and its content have been published for information and advertising purposes only. Results are never guaranteed and vary from patient to patient. Bella Medspa takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the content. Please contact us to book an appointment for individual diagnosis and treatment plan.