Cosmetic plastic surgery is the number one procedure in the USA. Even though it’s a controversial topic, here at Bella we’re firm believers that our bodies belong to only us and if changing something means you’ll feel more confident and radiant, then you should definitely go for it!  I am so very passionate about helping our clients look and feel their best, whether that’s advising them on vitamins and supplements or guiding them through their plastic surgery journey.

In Europe, medical care pre and post surgery is standard practice and usually included in the surgery price. But in the U.S., we are a bit behind with our post-care. I’ve heard so many horror stories of clients being left to their own devices to figure out what they need after the procedure is done. Eek!

Undergoing plastic surgery can not only be physically painful, but it can also be an emotional roller coaster. Changing your body can be a confusing process, and when you mix those emotions with pain medicine, it’s normal to feel abandoned, worried, and overwhelmed.

Successful Plastic Surgery Needs Post-Op Care

The Importance of Plastic Surgery Post-Op Care

I can’t stress enough the importance of having someone holding your hand and guiding you through every step of the process. That can be words of encouragement, reminding you to take your medicine and apply healing ointment, or giving you the best tips and practices that’ll work for your unique body type. Moreover, it’s incredibly beneficial to have someone there to help you with certain post-op practices. Things like changing bandages or special lymphatic massage to flush out swelling and bruising can be quite uncomfortable to do on yourself and is best done by a professional.

While we don’t offer plastic surgery procedures, we do offer a Bella Pre and Post Op Program. Plastic surgery can be as exciting as it can be scary, so it’s highly advisable to have someone guide you every step of the way. From recommending highly-trusted (and talented!) plastic surgeons to reminding you to take your meds, the Bella team is on your side.

Did you know that sleeping upright in a chair is often advised after plastic surgery? I know it sounds crazy but it’s just one of the things you need to prepare for before undergoing surgery! Ice rollers are life-savers, arnica supplement is a god-send for healing bruising and silicone pads are magic for scarring. These are just a few of the tips we have to help our clients heal quickly and be ready face the world as their best selves as soon as possible!

With over 18 years of experience with pre and post-op, our team has all the know-how, tips and tricks, and tools to make your first (or tenth!) plastic surgery journey as comfortable as possible.

Bella Pre/Post Op Program

Includes: Coaching, guidance, lymphatic massage, scar therapy, bandage changing, check-ins, best healing tips and tricks.


P.S: Everybody is unique and everyone’s recovery is different. We custom tailor our healing program to best guide you through a quick comfortable recovery and bring out the most beautiful plastic surgery results. Don’t hesitate to get in touch so we can create a program to set you up for a successful cosmetic procedure.


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