Anyone who knows me knows the breezy tops and shorter skirts that arrive with the warm weather are one reason I love spring. Jackets come off as we move outdoors to restaurant and office patios. Soon, summer will be here with swimsuits and trips to the pool and the beach. I want you to feel comfortable revealing more skin, so let’s look at how laser hair removal brings ease to your skincare routine.

Laser Hair Removal, Bella Medspa

“Does laser hair removal really work?”

I’m asked this question all the time and my answer is always, “Absolutely!”

Leg, bikini area and underarm hair shouldn’t cause you angst from showing more skin. With laser hair removal, I can permanently reduce unwanted hair until the area is smooth – typically over four to six appointments spaced out over several months.

I also like to share that, over the past ten years, I’ve helped clients who were unhappy with hairy arms. They’re not seeking a dolphin-smooth arm, but they are self-conscious about dark or thick arm hair. By using laser technology, I can reduce the overall amount to give a more feminine look. If you ever considered shaving your arms, or if you already have, let’s talk.

The way laser technology works is by using ultraviolet rays to gently heat the hair follicles and disrupt hair growth. Each client needs customized treatments for their hair type, hair color, and based on their individual results from laser treatment.

Laser hair removal is permanent hair reduction, not permanent hair removal. It is common for people to need an annual maintenance treatment. The reason is that the laser targets and destroys the current hair follicles, but new follicles will develop over time. As an experienced aesthetician, through a consultation, I will guide you to the service that will be most effective for your hair removal.

“But how much does it hurt?”

The laser gives you a sensation that lasts only a millisecond – the time it takes for the laser to zap a follicle. So, each hair follicle zapped feels a quick tingle but nothing anybody, even the most sensitive of us, has ever complained about or could not handle.

Of course, the midpoint of the underarm and the bikini area are going to be some of the most sensitive spots during either of these treatments. I honestly think the benefits of not having to worry about shaving or waxing, not to mention the ingrown hairs or red bumps, far outweigh any discomfort you may feel.

Laser Hair Removal, Bella MedspaAbout 16 years ago, I started laser hair removal treatments on my legs. It took six treatments over about six months to have fuzz-free legs. The thirty-minute sessions were a great investment. And while it didn’t lengthen my legs (Ha!), I can proudly show them off.

“How do I know where to start with laser hair removal?”

Bella is an established medspa in Buckhead offering both laser hair removal services to a loyal clientele. Because Atlanta is an international city, my clients cover the spectrum with skin tone and hair color. This has afforded me extensive experience in hair removal and ensures the treatment tailored for you is prescribed with expertise.

While it is an investment in regular visits to Bella, lasers sold for DIY hair removal will deliver results that are similar to what you get with at-home teeth whitening versus going to the dentist. Plus,  the overall time will be longer than my professional treatment schedule. The retail products are simply not nearly as effective as what a licensed aesthetician can do with professional equipment.

Don’t spend your precious time fretting about unwanted hair or the problem spots afterwards. Simplify your skincare routine and feel more confident every day.

I invite you to book a complimentary consultation with me at Bella to discuss the optimal plan for you. Summer is around the corner, so come in soon.

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