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It’s no secret that 2020 has been rough. From anxiety-inducing news, loss of income, and businesses having to shut their doors, this year has taken an enormous toll on the majority of us.

During these difficult times, most industries around the world have been affected, but what is rarely talked about is the big hit that charities and nonprofits have suffered. Not only have fundraisers been put on hold, but many donors that non-profits rely on have found themselves unable to continue supporting them for the time being.

Self Care If you’ve ever met me, you’ll know that I’m a nurturer at heart. You’ll notice it at work with my team and clients, and you’ll see it even more with my family and the animals that call my farm home. Additionally, Bella has always been a huge advocate for helping others, and to date, we partner many non-profits we trust in hopes of making the world a better place.

Thank you to all our Bella Belles!

Thanks to our amazing clients (yes, that includes YOU!), I feel so fortunate that I’ve been able to keep Bella open and pampering my clients. I feel that now more than ever, it’s my responsibility to give back to those who have not been as lucky.

Throughout the following months, I will donate a part of our profits to different organizations. That means that every single treatment you book at Bella will also be an act of kindness. So whether you have your regular Bella Laser Refresh Facial appointment, a special Plasma Pen treatment or are replenishing your favorite Revision Skincare products, a portion of the proceeds will go to help others.

Why Kindness is a Form of Self Care

Taking care of yourself physically is a huge form of self-love, and it’s important to know that self-care isn’t just about Hydrafacials or having a Flawless Finish Makeover.  It is also looking out for your mental health through hobbies, meditation, exercise, and spending time with loved ones. That’s how we get the much-needed balance we crave and ultimately, how we nurture our souls. Another amazing way to practice self-care? By being generous!

Being kind and helping others is often seen as selfless, but there are so many gains that will come right back at you. While I definitely love helping others just for the sake of it, it’s scientifically proven than generosity brings enormous benefits to our physical and mental health.

Self Care - FlowersThere is a Physical Reaction

Nope, I’m not making this up! Our bodies are extremely complicated, and as humans, we depend on a ton of hormones and chemicals to function. While many of these come from having a balanced diet, there are other ways to hack what I like to call “happiness chemicals” (dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins).

Not only are our happiness chemicals important for our brain, but they ultimately help our entire bodies function properly and take our overall satisfaction with life to a whole new level. For example, we all know a workout session at the gym will get your body to release endorphins. Well, acts of generosity give you a little dose of dopamine, which is a hormone that plays a huge role when it comes to feeling pleasure and happiness.

Pretty interesting, right?!

With everything that’s going on in the world right now, chances are you’ve been feeling under the weather and it’s important to know that it’s completely normal. What we are going through is a life-changing point in history, and the stress that has come with it has very likely taken a toll on you. I’d like to encourage you to practice even more self-care than ever, be it through a new hobby, journaling, doing at-home workouts. And, if possible, spreading kindness and giving back.

How to Spread Kindness

Kindness isn’t limited to grand gestures. Helping others can be as simple as choosing to buy locally, volunteering a few hours of your time every month, donating to charities, or helping spread the word about important causes to you. It’s too much for one person to take it all on, and there simply isn’t enough time in the day to help everyone!

That is why I believe the best way to start is by donating to organizations whose mission aligns with your own and get involved in the causes they advocate for. They’ve got the knowledge and the experience, but they need money to make things happen, as well as voices to help them share their message.

This August, We’re Supporting She Is Safe

This month, I’m picking one of the charities I feel closest to – not only for the fact that women’s rights and child trafficking are two of the issues that need urgent attention but also for the fact that She Is Safe is a nonprofit founded and run by my parents. She Is Safe (SIS) has been operating for seventeen years from North Atlanta with the mission to rescue and restore girls from abuse and human trafficking (A.K.A modern slavery).

She is Safe


Not only is rescuing girls and giving them a second chance at life their mission but also to prevent them from being sold in the first place. This year, SIS has taken in 25,817 girls and women into their program, that equips them to build sustainable lives – with the dignity and freedom to make their contributions to our world. With our help, these women and girls can have a whole new future!


She Is Safe is not only affected by the loss of annual galas and donors but also due to the sad fact that abuse and slavery have worsened exponentially during the Covid-19 crisis. Moreover, they’ve taken on the task to provide resources to impoverished areas that are suffering due to the current situation.

Aside from your contribution through Bella, I encourage you to check them out and learn more about their wonderful work. Whether you’re able to donate or simply spread the word, every little action helps!


Michele Ricket


“Abuse and slavery are exponentially worse during these days of crisis. In our work in red light districts, refugee camps and impoverished villages where most people are trafficked, there is now the overlay of starvation. So some of our work shifted over these months to provide food, masks, and soap.”

– Michelle Ricket, co-founder and CEO of She Is Safe.



How You Can Help

While Bella will donate part of our proceeds this month to support She Is Safe’s hard work, we also encourage you to take part in the movement. I wholeheartedly understand that these are difficult times, but I do want you to know that any donation (no matter how big or small) does help. If you’re unable to donate, there’s no need to worry – I’m just as grateful if you help us spread the word about She Is Safe and the work they do.

I highly encourage you to download their free Human Trafficking Prevention Kit, where you’ll find tools to help make you and those around you safer from abuse and trafficking. Please make sure to share it with your friends and family members to spread the word. Knowledge is power and She Is Safe has put together the most thorough prevention kit you could imagine!


Spread the word!