Laser Hair Removal - Bella MedspaDealing with body hair isn’t my idea of fun. Waxing, razors, and hair removal creams aren’t just time consuming, but they can also lead to other skincare issues that are even less fun to deal with like scarring and dry skin. Don’t worry – laser hair removal can help.

Chances are  laser hair removal has already crossed your mind at some point. The idea of never having to deal with unwanted again is very enticing, right? If you feel ready to take the plunge, there’s no better time to do it then now!

Before starting your laser hair removal treatment, it’s  important to do your research. It is extremely effective and can be a total life changing treatment, but there are a few things you have to consider before booking your first session.

Choose the right time of the year

I recommend patients start their hair removal treatments sometime between October and April (also known as Hair Removal Season!). There are several reasons why Fall/Winter is the best time to get started. First, by the time summer kicks in, you’ll be bikini ready – any day, any time. Your days of having to deal with unwanted hair will be long gone.

Secondly, in between treatments you’ll need to be extra wary of sun exposure. The sun is our skin’s worst enemy, and it’s even more so right before and after your sessions. Laser hair removal is less effective on suntanned skin, plus the laser makes the treatment area more sensitive to UV damage.

Laser hair removal is not a quick fix, but it’s so worth it!

laser hair removal- before and afterUnfortunately, laser hair removal isn’t a quick way to get rid of body hair but it’s extremely effective and will definitely work. However, to make sure the treatment gets rid of all or most of the hair, several sessions are needed over a few months.

Our hair grows in cycles and each one goes through three phases of growth – catagen, telogen, and anagen. This final phase is the active growth phase and the one the laser will target. Getting rid of the hair completely can take several months, but you’ll notice a change in the volume and density after just a few sessions.

The whole process might not be super convenient, but once you’ve finished your treatment, you’ll be thrilled. Just wait until the next time you want to go for a swim or wear a dress without having to even think about preparing for the occasion.

Seriously, not having to ever get waxed or shave again is soooo worth the effort!

With laser hair removal, expertise is a must

With laser hair removal becoming increasingly popular, there are many clinics popping up that are offering the treatment. This doesn’t mean you should go for the one who claims to have the latest technology or the one with the best website. Doing proper research is so, so important! You need an expert. Laser technology is no joke, and it can severely damage your skin if not done properly.

I often treat patients who had bad experiences. Sometimes because they saw no results, it hurt too much or, the worst one, their skin was permanently damaged. Burns and changes in skin pigmentation after hair removal treatments are very common when not done by an expert.

The lasers used to remove hair aren’t easy to handle, and they definitely require expertise to make sure your skin isn’t damaged. It’s not a one-size-fits-all! We all have different skin types which require different settings on the laser. These settings not only ensure the treatment is effective, but also to avoid any skin damage as a result of not knowing how to handle the lasers.

At Bella, we have ten lasers and I have provided laser skincare for over sixteen years. When you come in for your first appointment, you’ll go through a consultation and skin analysis to develop a skincare regime to ensure the best results. Remember: everyone’s skin has unique needs, so customizing each treatment is a must! Over the years, I personally designed Bella’s laser protocol and, to date, I only have happy (hair-free!) patients.

You can combine it with other treatments for the best results

After years of working with plastic surgeons, both myself and Rebecca are skilled in coaching clients in the prepping and recovery phases. We also have valuable knowledge for improved healing. At Bella, we offer Thermi post-surgery to flush out swelling and bruising, as well as encourage a speedy recovery.

With our combined 24 years of skincare experience, we are able to design a tailored skincare regimen for your personal goals. We highly recommend our customized Bella Exclusive Refresh Laser Facial for antiaging and, of course, a monthly skincare maintenance.

After much research, Bella Medspa introduced TCA Cross and Plasma Pen to our menu of services – two new technologies to best target our clients’ concerns. TCA Cross can only be performed by a skilled medical professional as it is a delicate, meticulous procedure for acne scar repair. Similarly, Plasma Pen requires a skilled steady-handed provider to erase lines around the eyes and mouth.

Laser Hair Removal - Bella MedspaAsk questions

If you’re interested in getting started, we’re here for you! We have years of experience and are happy to answer any questions you might have about laser hair removal. Picking the right place for this treatment with so many options and price ranges out there can be very overwhelming. So, we highly encourage you to reach out to us to answer your questions or concerns before getting started.



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